Andrew Chan has been featured as one of Angeleno’s Modern Men

As released in the publication’s October issue.

Those featured are noted as extraordinary Los Angeles men who are leaders in their field.

With a lifetime of family experience in the field and 15 years in practice, Andrew Chan has a command of commercial and industrial real estate, from Chinatown to the San Gabriel Valley.  He has been trusted with some of the largest sales in the area, including the former manufacturing facilities of Sriracha—250,000 square feet that sold for $22.5 million in 2013, one of the largest sales in the Valley that year.

Andrew grew up watching his father with admiration, noting the gratification he received as he carried a client through each real estate transaction—a point of purchase that client had tirelessly worked to achieve. After graduating from USC and committing to the entertainment industry for a single decade, Andrew returned to his real estate roots, and quite comfortably at that.

Not one for the corporate desk job, Andrew thrives in the industry, one that presents new adventures and opportunities each day. And when the opportunity arose to join Partners Trust, a company that he found to exude both honor and credibility, he jumped at it, officially signing on in 2015.

Above all, Andrew values his family, friends and colleagues and attributes the foundation of his success to them. As a lover of animals small and large, he supports various Humane Society chapters throughout the Valley and marine conservation organizations like Saving the Oceans.

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